Freezer Meal Planning

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I’ve been a little absent from the blog for a while.  The reason is because I’ve been gearing up for yet another back surgery.  This time it’s a fusion with a tad bit longer of a recovery period.  One of the things that I’ve been working on (besides cleaning the house one last time – because, well, teens!) is making meals that I can freeze.  If you read my blog post Meal Planning 101, you may have noticed that I said you can double a recipe and freezer one. That’s what I do even if I need lots and lots of meals.  I tried that whole “30 meals in 3 hours” thing.  It ended with sore feet, sore back, a pile of dishes a mile high and a big messy counter. Nope! It’s just not for me.

So for the past few weeks, I’ve made double of many of our meals and froze one.  I now have 2 weeks worth of meals!  Here are some links to the freezer meals I use that seems to hold up well in the reheating process:

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