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How I met my husband (with the help of my Mom)

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I thought I should let you all know a little more about myself and after thinking about it for a while, I feel the story of how my mom helped me meet my husband is a pretty darn good story. The reason it’s an interesting story is because my mom passed away a year before I even met my husband and yet she was the reason I met him.  I know, sounds creepy and far-fetched. I promise, she did NOT show up to me as a ghost or anything so just hold tight.

I guess I should start from the beginning. As a young girl, I remember my mom casually sort of joking that my grandfather would outlive her (She even said it a few days before her death).  I think she had some sort of sixth sense that let her know that she would die young.  She always kept paperwork regarding life insurance policies and other important documents in neat order and as I got older, she always let me know where it was and who we needed to contact on that list should something happen to her. And there was one more thing that I’m pretty sure most kids don’t grow up with…. I was always aware that my mom had written each of us letters that were to be opened after her death.  They were kept in the back of the top drawer of her bureau.  Maybe I’m wrong.  Maybe most kids grow up with the knowledge of “open me after death” documents from their parents. No? Hmmm.

Fast forward to fall of 2001.  My mom passed away in October.  The reason for her death is not important to the story but it was medically related and fairly sudden and unexpected. Shortly after her funeral, I was able to read the letter I always knew was in her bureau but never expected to read in my early 20’s. In it she told me she loved me.  She also said to try to be a little less serious and have a little more fun but to be careful. I was never much for going out and “having fun”.  I would make an appearance at a party but rarely stay very long.  I definitely preferred hanging out in my PJs.  Still do.  Typing in them right now.  At 6pm. Now THAT’S fun!

During the summer of 2002, I had recently moved into a house with 3 other girls in a new town.  One of the girls knew some people in that town that wanted to throw a BBQ and invite all of us.  That weekend, I had already spent a day at the beach with a work friend and got completely fried.  So I had met my quota for “hanging out” time for the weekend.  When I heard about the BBQ, my initial reaction was skip it.  But at that moment, I remembered my mom’s letter to me and what it said so I sucked it up and got ready to attend the gathering. Sunburn and all. My mom’s letter was the ONLY reason I went that night.  I didn’t even plan on staying long.

That’s where I first met my husband. All 6 feet of geek (he will totally admit to that – the man has a car fashioned after Star Wars, for goodness sake!).  We had a bunch in common and talked all evening.  And played foosball with everyone. We met up at a few more local events with friends (that I went to just so I could run into him) before he finally asked me out. We are now working on 15 years of marriage. So that’s how my mom helped me meet my husband.

Ok now for the more weird/spooky part:

  • My husband’s initials are the same as my mom’s (SEM)
  • When we filed for adoption, we were randomly given a date from the court….October 22nd…the same date as my mom’s funeral….redeeming the day.

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  • Jenny

    Kind of cool that we both have the same how we met our husband stories! 🙂 I never knew that about your mom’s letter – neat story

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